Oconto County Snowmobile Trails

Oconto County has over 480 miles of snowmobile trails! We are less than a full tank of gas round trip from the Fox Cities/Geen Bay area and less than a three-hour drive from Milwaukee. The Oconto County area is the best snowmobiling, closest to the Fox Valley.

For your convenience, trailheads have been strategically placed throughout the County. Trailheads are located near the Hwy 32/64 intersection, just East of Chute Pond, in Gillett at Zippel Park, in Suring near the Village Hall, and Lakewood on Hwy 32. The Nicolet State Recreational Trail starts in Gillett and runs 90 miles north to connect numerous trails systems.

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General Riding Instructions
  • Stay seated and lean slightly into the direction of turn
  • Always keep feet on running boards
  • Accelerate gently so the track does not spin
  • Always look towards the front, not behind you
  • At an intersection, stop and wait for the person behind you so they know which way to go.  Do not proceed until you see the person behind you.  If they do not come after several minutes, stay where you are until the guide comes back to find you.
  • Laws & Regulations - It is your responsibility to know and familiarize yourself with the Wisconsin snowmobile regulations. Before heading out onto the trails please remember to follow all safety regulations. Click HERE for a quick reference guide to the Wisconsin Snowmobile Laws. 
  • All drivers must be at least 21 years of age. Anyone born on or after January 1st, 1985 is required by Wisconsin state law to obtain a snowmobile safety certificate from the Wisconsin DNR as well as a Wisconsin DNR customer number ID. The certificate must be carried by anyone operating a snowmobile meeting the above requirements. Please visit the Wisconsin DNR website for more information.