Oconto County ATV/UTV Trails

Oconto County ATV/UTV trails open the last Saturday in April (weather permitting) and close the first Sunday of November.

Before you go, check trail reports for delays and closures! 

Riding ATVs and UTVs in Oconto County is an experience like no other. The trails are varied and offer plenty of challenging terrain to explore. The scenery is stunning, with lush forests, rolling hills, and sparkling lakes. The trails are well-maintained, so you can have a safe and enjoyable ride. You can also find several campgrounds and resorts in the area, so you can make a weekend or week out of your ATV or UTV excursion.

For those interested in a more leisurely ride, Oconto County offers plenty of scenic roads to explore. There are well-marked trails that take you through some of the county's most beautiful areas. You can also enjoy wildlife viewing as you travel, as the area is home to a variety of species, including birds, deer, and even black bears. No matter what type of riding you prefer, Oconto County has something for everyone.

Trailheads have been strategically placed throughout Oconto County to provide ATV/UTV riders and other outdoor enthusiasts with easy access to the Nicolet State Recreational Trail. These trailheads are located near the intersection of Hwy 32/64, just east of Chute Pond, in Gillett at Zippel Park, in Suring near the Village Hall, and in Lakewood along Hwy 32. The Nicolet Trail, which starts in Gillett and runs for 90 miles north, connects numerous trail systems and provides users with a wide range of recreational opportunities.

As you enjoy your stay, please keep safety in mind while riding your ATV/UTV. The following tips will help to ensure your safety and the safety of others: 
  • Always wear a helmet and protective gear, such as boots and gloves.
  • Make sure your ATV/UTV is in proper working condition with all safety equipment functional.
  • Be aware of the terrain and keep your speed appropriate for the surface.
  • Know your limits and stay within them.
  • Be sure to stay on designated trails and obey all posted signs.
  • Respect private property and do not trespass.
  • Never ride alone.
  • Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Keep to the right of the trail, and pass on the left.
  • Do not drive recklessly.
Have a great ride, and thank you for helping to keep our trails safe!

Nonresident ATV/UTV Trail Pass
When bringing an ATV or UTV into Wisconsin from their home state, a nonresident can operate their ATV or UTV on Wisconsin public trails with either a nonresident ATV/UTV trail pass affixed to the ATV/UTV or a valid non-resident 5-day trail use receipt, which should have the operator. Nonresidents who keep their ATV or UTV in Wisconsin must register their ATV or UTV in Wisconsin.

Annual trail pass
fee: $35; expires March 31 of each year

A non-resident can operate an ATV or UTV in Wisconsin with an annual nonresident ATV/UTV trail pass issued by the Wisconsin DNR, which needs to be clearly displayed in a location forward of the operator.

5-day nonresident trail use receipt
fee: $20; issued for five consecutive days

The operator must carry the 5-day nonresident trail use receipt that is received at the time of order; no decal is issued.

Nonresident annual trail passes may be ordered online on your personal electronic device or over the counter at any sales location.
  • A nonresident trail pass is required to operate an ATV or UTV not currently registered in Wisconsin on an ATV or UTV trail.
  • The pass costs $35.00.
  • The pass expires on March 31 of each year.
  • An ATV or UTV operated on frozen waters needs to display a valid Wisconsin public use ATV/UTV registration or a nonresident ATV/UTV trail pass.
  • The trail pass must be affixed by its own adhesive in a highly visible location on the forward half of the ATV or UTV.
  • Once affixed, the sticker may not be removed or transferred to another ATV or UTV.
  • A temporary operating receipt (printed on plain white paper) will be issued upon order of an annual ATV/UTV trail pass and allows you to operate immediately. Regardless of placing your order, the physical trail pass decal will arrive in the mail in approximately two weeks.
ATV and UTV regulations for Wisconsin, click here!
1. What’s the speed limit on Oconto County Highways for ATVs/UTVs?
The posted speed limits on each Oconto County Highway will be the speed limit for ATVs/UTVs. No additional speed limit signs will be installed. If the speed limit is 45 mph for vehicle traffic, it will be the same for ATVs/UTVs. 
2. Which Oconto County Highways are open to ATV/UTV traffic?
All Oconto County Highways north of State Highway 22 and north of CTH Y from USH 41 to Harbor Road. The section of CTH W from N Range Line Rd to Old 41 Rd, and CTH WW from Hogsback Rd to CTH W, both in the Town of Little River and CTH Q in the Town of Brazeau, are closed. These sections are border roads with Marinette County, which currently does not have them open. We are working with them to resolve this, but it may take time. State and Federal Highways remain closed.

3. Can we ride on State or Federal Highways in Oconto County?
No ATV/UTV is permitted at any time on any Federal or State Highways. 
Other approved Oconto County Highways for ATV/UTV Traffic:
  • All County Highways north of Highway 22 and north of CTH Y from USH 41 to Harbor Road.
  • CTH J from North River Road to Chicken Shack Road (2.0 miles)
  • CTH Y from Porter Avenue to Harbor Road (.9 miles)
  • All of CTH N and all of CTH NN
  • CTH EE at CTH D to CTH E (2.36 miles)
  • All of CTH D
  • CTH S from Doran Street to CTH N (0.25 miles)
  • All of CTH SS
  • CTH BB from Shawano Line Road to Gillett City Limits (2.0 miles)
  • All of CTH C
  • CTH CC from Hwy 32 to Oconto Falls City Limits (4.58 miles)
  • CTH K from CTH CC to Hwy 22 (2.0 miles)
  • All of CTH E