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Hagar Mountain

Hagar Mountain features an excellent example of exposed igneous bedrock habitat with numerous fissures and crevices, which support some unusual plant communities and several rare plants. The steep-sided habitat varies depending on aspect and condition of the rock. Some south-sloping rock faces and exposed cliffs are virtually bare while north slopes are wooded with hemlock, and north-facing cliffs are often moss and fern-covered. Between these extremes are large areas on the tops of the outcrops that support an interesting lichen and moss flora.

Viewing Information: Wildflower and fern species associated with dry rock outcrops are the featured attractions at Hagar Mountain. Growing in the accumulated soil of the rocky crevices and depressions are common polypody, marginal wood fern, rusty woodsia, pale corydalis, and northern sweet colt's-foot. Most species can be viewed all summer, but the peak flowering time occurs in June. The site is also sparsely forested with red and Hill's oak, red maple, red, white, and jack pine, and cherry. Rugged and steep talus slopes have formed at the edges of many outcrops and these provide habitat for an additional set of species including the rare purple clematis (Clematis occidentalis). In addition to the interesting habitats, the rock outcrops also offer many scenic views of the area.

Safety First: There are no maintained trails here so take a topographic map and compass (USGS Mountain quad available at the Lakewood Forest Service office or other map outlet). Access difficulty is moderate and will require walking around some outcrops to find the easiest access to the top. User created paths may be present in some places. Footwear with good ankle support is recommended, and rocks can be slippery when wet.

Directions: From the intersection of State Highway 32 and County Highway W in Mountain, Wisconsin, go east on W 3 miles to the junction with Bear Paw Road (FR 2630). Continue on W 0.5 mile to a cabin at Fire #13124. Park along Highway W. To reach Hagar Mountain, go north on a foot trail that runs along the property line from the east side of the cabin. Please do not trespass on private land. Alternatively, follow Baldwin Creek south into the southern portion of the site.

Ownership and Management: U.S. Forest Service, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Lakewood-Laona Ranger District.