Trail Reports

Logging is currently in process on both County and Federal Properties. When coming into a logging area, follow the signage and never go under or near logging equipment when they are in use. This s a very dangerous situation, and if it continues, the trail may be shut down or forced to be rerouted. Let's all be safe and patient when we are on the trails. Logg g equipment has the right of way. 

Red Arrow Snowmobile Club -  1/17/22
The trail system is reported looking good to exceptional this morning from the groomers last night, even without new snow. Weather reports call for snow on Tuesday. The grade to Laona was fine all the way with only small stones turned up now and then.  

Chute Pond Snowmobile Club - 1/13/22
Chute Pond Snowmobile Trails are open and in good to very good "early season condition"- which means there may be rough spots, bare spots, dips, ungroomed areas by swamps or water holes. Please take it easy on the starts, stops, and corners- and in general, reduce your speed and be aware of the trail conditions. Grooming continues as needed and in many areas, our trails are in great shape- but in some areas, the surface will not be as smooth as mid-season riding. More specific details follow:

INT 311 to INT 320 is back open. Take it easy north of CTY W as you ride through the repaired trail.

There is a small trail change as you approach Animal's in the ditch on Hwy T. Please follow the trail signs. Be aware that loggers are working along the Mountain Lakes Rd trail from Hwy 64 north to Star Lake Rd.

The north pipeline trail is open, has been groomed once, and is passable from Jack Pine Rd to Crooked Lake- but will continue to be a rough ride until we get more snow to fill in the dips. Adjust your speed accordingly.

Our groomer operators and volunteers have spent countless hours getting our trails ready, and grooming will continue, both day and night. Please watch for the groomers- then stop and wait for their signal that it is safe to move past them. Please respect the loggers, our trails, and other riders. Remember these are still early season conditions- and ride accordingly.

Gillett Sno Riders - 1/14/22
We will be out grooming this afternoon and through the weekend. Trails are in early season condition, overall they are in good condition, expect to see some thin spots in the field crossings.  The NST specifically is in good condition and has held up nicely to the traffic north of town.  There is parking at Zippel park located right on the trail. 

Paul Bunyan Riders - 1/12/22
The trails are open and in good condition.

BB Joyriders -  1/12/22
B&B Joyriders Trails are all open and in fair to very good, the groomers will be out again this weekday and night getting the trails ready for the weekend. We all could use more snow, maybe only 1” is coming this week. There are spots on the trail that we cannot groom yet, but we are getting close. There is a fishery on White Potato Lake Saturday 1/15. 

Lena - 1/17/22
Trails are being groomed and they are in good condition.

Oconto Falls - 1/18/22
Sno Jokers trails remain in FAIR early season conditions. The base has held up the last 2 weekends despite not having any additional snow. Trails were all groomed 1/14 and are in decent shape. We will most likely not be grooming until we get some additional snow as there is simply nothing to work with without taking away from the thin base we have established.

Chase - CLOSED. 1/14/22
Trails will remain closed due to a lack of snow. 

Machickanee Cross Country Ski Trails - 1/13/22
No new snow in the last week,  but the track has been reset on all trails this afternoon.  The conditions are good. 

Reminder NO DOGS on the ski trails.  Dogs are only allowed on the designated trail. 

Candlelight Ski on Saturday, January 15th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. BlackBerry Ramble Trail will be lit by candles. It is a one-mile beginner loop. There will be warming/cooking fires. 

Lakewood Cross Country Ski Trails - 1/10/22
The golf course was quite drifted due to the winds we’ve had the last few days, so it was groomed late this afternoon after the winds had died down. The trail in the woods was left alone as it is in good shape.

Oconto Falls Tubing Hill - Closed. 1/14/22

Paul Bunyan Tubing Hill - Closed.

Paul Bunyan Ski Hill - Open.