What to Eat in Wisconsin: Iconic Eats from America's Dairyland

March 14, 2017

Terese Allen

Food Network

Cream Pies and Tortes

Small-town diners are places where folks build bonds of community connection and identity, often over pie. And in Wisconsin, it’s likely to be over cream pie. (It’s the Dairy State, after all.) At OJ’s Midtown in friendly little Gillett, the bakers are pie artists who fill homemade crusts with every imaginable flavor of creamy custard — banana, coconut, peanut butter, sour cream raisin, chocolate and more — and smother the pies with whipped cream or meringue. Related to cream pies, and just as iconic as a Dairyland diner dessert, are tortes, which are not the fancy cakes of European fame, but chilled confections that typically start with a nut or cookie crust that’s layered first with cream cheese; pudding, gelatin, fruit or ice cream, then with whipped cream and finally with nuts or crushed cookies or candy. Yowza.

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