SMALL TOWNS PREVIEW: Townsend snowmobile club enters international hall of fame

February 18, 2022

By Jeff Alexander


TOWNSEND, Wis. (WBAY) - There are more than 600 snowmobile clubs in Wisconsin and thousands across the country. A club located in Oconto County is second to none.

In Thursday’s Small Towns report, Jeff Alexander visits the Red Arrow Snowmobile Club in Townsend.

In 2021, the club received the National Snowmobile Club of the Year honor at the American Council of Snowmobile Association meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.

That’s not all.

“And I was on stage there, gave my little acceptance speech and I turned and I was going to get off the stage and there’s a lady standing there. She said, ‘hold it right there Mr. Wagner, we’re not through with you yet,’” remembers Gary Wagner, past president of the club.

“I said ‘What?’ And she came up to the podium and said, ‘My name is Joanne Smith, I’m the president of the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and every year we choose a club as our international club to be inducted into our International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Eagle River and guess what, Red Arrow, you’re it this year.’

“I was just speechless.”

Red Arrow maintains more than 60 miles of trails in the Townsend area. Jeff will introduce you to the club Thursday on Action 2 News at 6.

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