Large crowd comes out for Townsend's 14th annual Corn Roast & ATV Parade

September 8, 2020

Fox 11

Fox 11

TOWNSEND (WLUK) -- COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in lots of plans this summer. Despite warnings from health officials, plenty of people headed north for the holiday weekend.

Close to 1,000 people were expected at an event in Townsend.... on 4-wheelers.

Tom Vanzeeland brought a convoy from Crivitz.

"We had 50 machines and 85 riders today come to the CornRoast... rode here about 40 miles by ATV [and] UTV," Vanzeeland said.

1,500 ears of corns were picked for the 14th annual Corn Roast... only a day before.

"Doesn’t get any fresher than that," Gary Wagner said. He is president of the Red Arrow Snowmobile and ATV club.

"I've been ill. I took advantage of the opportunity to be with all these medical professionals and ask their advice, They said with an outdoor event like this, go for it," Wagner said about safety at the event. "We have sanitizer stations all over the place, and if you want a mask, we have masks available at no charge for anybody that requests one."

Most people didnt.

"I'm glad we don't have to wear a mask or anything, because we're kind of tired of the whole coronavirus thing and just want things to go back to normal," Cody Semler from Waukesha said.

Organizers say the event raised more than $10,000 for the Red Arrow ATV Snowmobile Club last year. The club takes care of many trails that riders use in that part of the state.

They wouldn't say what they were expecting this year... although early returns show COVID-19 wasn't keeping people from getting their corn.

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