Ice shoves spotted at Breakwater Park in Oconto

February 28, 2017

by Brittany Ford, FOX 11 News


OCONTO (WLUK) -- One of mother nature's one-of-a-kind happenings piled up along the shoreline in Oconto.

"It's different every time, sometimes it will be over here, sometimes it will come over the riverside," said Tom Fulton who lives near Breakwater Park in Oconto.ADVERTISINGHe says the ice piled up in a matter of 24 hours, "That morning we got up and sat in our sun room, and watched it climb, and build, and build."

Several people in the area made the trip out to snap a photo and see the phenomenon firsthand.

"The traffic has been non-stop. I think there's more traffic out here than on Main Street," said Fulton.

Bob Sullivan of Oconto was one of those, "It's something you don't see every year."

Sullivan says in years past, they've had ice shoves more than 10 feet higher than this, reaching all the way up to the marker sign.

"Very blue, very beautiful. This is pretty too though. We hadn't had that in a couple of years now; got to have the right wind for that," he continued.

As for people like Fulton, he says mother nature never seems to disappoint, "This has been one of the better ones; some years it doesn't exactly do this."

The large chucks of ice can also be seen along the western portion of Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh as well as the southern part of the lake, near the the Fond du Lac Yacht Club.

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