'Finding Bigfoot' search in Oconto County

March 8, 2017

Eric Peterson, FOX 11 News


MOUNTAIN, Wis. (WLUK) - Is it real? Or is it fake? No matter.

The search for an elusive creature known as Bigfoot recently brought a cable television show's staff to Northeast Wisconsin.

And while the creature itself has been forever elusive, the crew from Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" was recently spotted in Oconto County.

One area business is hoping to cash in on the curiosity.

At a curve in the road in the small community of Mountain, Karen's Unique Gifts offers customers a little bit of everything, including all things Bigfoot.

"I have some magnets here. I have coasters. I can take your picture and put it on a T-shirt for you with Sasquatch," said owner Karen Wirth.

"I guess he was on television. They were looking for him anyway," she said.

Wirth is referring to "Finding Bigfoot." Its television crew spent a couple days in the Mountain area this past summer. Much of the investigation centered around the Mountain Fire Lookout Tower.

"They had to take pictures of the fire tower and the sign," she said.

Wirth says since the show aired last month, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is the talk of the town.

"We've had a few people coming in, saying that they saw Sasquatch, the show 'Finding Bigfoot,' and they wanted to come and get their picture taken here and take a memento. One guy was going to put it on his desk in his office. He bought a statue," she said.

And tourism leaders say anytime a small town gets national attention is good for business.

"It brings different variety of people that never been here before. They come up and take a look at what we have to offer them," said Wade Lewandowski, president of the Mountain Area Business Association.

So, will this area be the next Bigfoot capital?

"I hope so. That would put a name for Mountain. Mountain could use some help in advertising," said Wirth.

As far as Sasquatch sightings, Wirth says she sees Bigfoot every day.

"It's a fun thing. That's the main thing. It puts a little light-heartedness in the area," she said.

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