Dozens of skiers hit the slopes at Paul Bunyan Ski Hill in Lakewood

December 29, 2021

Fox 11

Fox 11

LAKEWOOD (WLUK) -- Snow has been sparse, so far, for much of the region, but it's a different story in the Northwoods.

Dozens of people took to the slopes at Paul Bunyan Ski Hill in Lakewood on Sunday, and owners say the holiday weekend was a success.

It's a place which bills itself the biggest little ski hill in Wisconsin, but how are the conditions?

"They're good. They got the power tiller now, so all the runs are in real nice shape," said Travis Liptack, Lakewood.

Liptack's young son Connor Liptack says skiing is his hobby.

"It's fun," he said. But why does he like to ski?

"I don't know," said Connor Liptack, Lakewood.

Paul Bunyan Ski Hill opened for the season on Saturday, Christmas Day.

"We've got three runs going. The Jammer T-Bar, Blue Ox, and then the Bunny Hill. A lot of people are having a lot of fun. It's not a huge hill, so it's good for all ages, and a lot of the families come out with all their kids," said Kenna Jensen, Paul Bunyan Ski Hill Worker.

Jensen says the hill will be open daily through January 2, 2022, to accommodate area students on winter break.

"It's fun, it's cheap. It's a good place to ski, and everything. A lot of people who I know go here," said Zyon Branch Pemma, Carter.

Workers say daily passes are $25, and $20 for students. Ski lessons are available too.

"You can call (715) 276-7865 and reserve time slots to be instructed by someone on how to ski. They'll start you off on the bunny hill, and eventually will get you going down one of the bigger hills," said Jensen.

One snowboarder says her skills are improving with each trip down the hill.

"It was scary at first, because I wasn't used to the hills, but now, it's easier. There's still a lot of jumps that you can take, that they made that are fun," said Jaycee Harris, Carter.

Others say a season pass is a good way to ensure practice pays off.

"I've been skiing since I was two. It's kind of just fun. I like the adrenaline of it, like speeding down the hill as fast as possible. It's pretty fun," said Hayden Demerath, Lakewood.

In January, the hill plans to be open four days a week, including weekends.

Depending on the weather, the ski season could stretch into March.

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