'Doty Dog Days' highlights winter sports like dog sledding'

February 27, 2017

by Brittany Ford, FOX 11 News

Fox 11 News

MOUNTAIN (WLUK) -- Some dogs aren't your average pet, they're athletes.

Running up to 30 to 50 miles a day.

"They always have more energy the second day, than the first, seem to get warmed up then let it rip the second day," said Ryan Beaber owner of Flying K Kennel in Mountain, Wisconsin.

Beaber and his family race sled dogs.

People in Mountain were out enjoying the doty dog days of winter with free sled races & more! #wintersback

He says the "Doty Dog Days Winter Festival" gives the community a chance to get up close and personal with sled dogs.

"Most of it is in Alaska, or in the UP, but not so much Wisconsin anymore," explained Beaber.

Linda Berg of Polar, was one of those who made a family day out of the event, "Absolutely looked like fun for the boys to come and see."

She says there was a little inspiration, "We were watching Snow Dogs, and we were watching Iron Will, two of our favorite movies."

FOX 11's Brittany Ford even gave it a try.

Beaber says the opportunity to showcase the dogs is helping to bring more awareness to the sport.

"There are less dog mushers than there use to be, bring attention to the dogs, and the race events, " he continued.

Jennifer O'Brien helped organize the event, "It's huge for the community. We only have one event in Doty a year, so we wanted to do something in the winter, when people are normally shut in the house."

She says plans are already in works for next year, "We do plan to keep this going, definitely have it next year."

Due to the last week's warm-up the dog sled races at the event had to be canceled.

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