Start a Business

Starting a business is risky, there is no denying that. And it is not for everyone. Some people are not comfortable with risk, and are just better off collecting a paycheck. There is nothing judgmental in that statement. Starting and running a small business takes certain personality traits. If you have a great idea, are a self-starter who likes people, a good salesperson who likes marketing, and have a well-rounded skill set, you might well be an entrepreneur. If you are, the OCEDC wants to help you succeed. We believe that the best economic development strategy for Oconto County is to identify and assist entrepreneurs who have a passion for starting and operating their own business. So we have adopted a focused entrepreneurial development strategy.

While there are risks in starting a business, there are a number of ways to mitigate some of those risks through sound planning and preparation. The OCEDC is prepared to assist you by connecting you with resources that help give you a leg up. Counseling, mentoring, training, and a solid business plan can increase your chances of being successful. We have access to all of these resources and can help get you moving with your business plan. Writing your business plan is a critical step, and is absolutely necessary to attract investors or secure any funding, including the Micro Loan Funds administered through OCEDC.

Some Things to Consider While You Are Pondering Your Decision

Are you wired for being an entrepreneur or for owning your own business? To get a general sense about personal style, take this short quiz. Click Here! Nobody but you will see the results.

Do you have, or can you access, the financial resources necessary to accomplish your goal? How is your credit? To learn about the importance of good credit, Click Here! You will need to invest your own resources. With good credit, you can find loans. Grants are few and far between.

Are you willing to invest the time and effort to write a business plan? A business plan is a prerequisite to attracting investors or funding. The following links will assist you in answering this question. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. (The OCEDC does not endorse or recommend any of the products or services reflected in any of the hyperlinks contained on the page. They are depicted as examples of products and services available on the internet).

How to Write a Business Plan

With the above information in mind, the OCEDC can get you connected with the resources you may need.