Made in Oconto County

Our local businesses are one of th key ingredient in creating a more diverse and sustainable local economy, both now and into the future. 

Our mission is to assist and celebrate the compaies and employees that make great products locally and provide valuable jobs in our community.  We take great pride in our manugacturing companies and we want to promote everything that they offer.  We would like to highlight those companies and the products they make in Oconto County with a goal of unifiying the industry, helping them thrive, and marketin gthe value that they provide to o ther entities in order to create new connections and stimulate economic growth. 
Roving Blue
We are proud to be building advanced, portable water purification systems that harness "The Power of EO3™", electrolytic ozone, for use around the world. EO3 is the most advanced way to make aqueous ozone, a disinfectant that is more powerful than chlorine, yet quickly reverts to oxygen.  Roving Blue®, based in Wisconsin, USA, has been building and selling these devices since 2014.
Braxby's Woodwork
Makes and sells custom hardwood furniture, and wood and metal furniture you will have for years to come.
Cruisers Yachts
Cruisers Yachts Pride comes with continuously building innovative, hand-crafted, American-made yachts. From our stylish and luxurious Cantius series to our sleek and powerful outboards, you’ll never want to head back to the dock. Explore our full line up today.
Masterpiece Beauty
I'm honored you chose to take the time to stop and browse our beautiful products. Starting my journey as a holistic nutritionist, I've learned the importance of choosing food and skincare wisely together to attain the best skin ever, especially today when so many labels (for food AND beauty products) can be deceiving, even the "organic" ones.
Iron Maiden Metal Art
Salvaged iron can be items that are old, rusty, unique and one of a kind. For me, using these items to make lasting works of art that can be enjoyed in your garden or landscape for years is rewarding.

Vintage iron is iron that has history; it had a significant purpose in a world before computers and has been finding its way into scrap yards for decades. Most of this iron is detailed and has beautiful designs and lines. It was made for a purpose but was also crafted with pride, and it shows. With our world becoming such a disposable society;  repurposing, reusing and recycling is a beautiful thing!
Northport Marine
Proudly built along side of MirroCraft Boats in Gillett, WI. We have many Fishing or Cruising Pontoon models to choose from in 16'-24' lengths. Below is the history of our company and how we became about.