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Fall Color Ride
Date: Oct. 5, 2019

October 5, 2019 will once again be a busy day in Townsend.  The Old Town Hall Bar and Restaurant, 17767 State Hwy 32, in Townsend is having their 6th Annual Family Fun Booyah Day.  Booyah will be ready at 4PM and will be free. Here’s your chance to get some of the best Booyah in the Northwood’s!  

 Old Town Hall has invited the Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV club to hold a MEAT RAFFLE and FALL COLOR ATV/UTV ride that day.  The ATV/UTV fall color ride will leave the Old Town Hall at 9:30 that morning and will return before 2PM. At that time Red Arrow will start the all meat raffle fundraiser.  Proceeds from the meat raffle will go directly towards maintaining grooming equipment and improving trails in the Townsend area.   Red Arrow is responsible for about 65 miles of snowmobile trails and 15 miles of ATV/UTV trails, including the Nicolet State Recreational Trail through Townsend.
Everyone is welcome to attend.

Red Arrow members thank Old Town Hall Bar and Restaurant owners Josh and Cassie Banie for their year round support of Red Arrow Snowmobile ATV Club. 

Location: Old Town Hall

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