Annual Tiger Chase Color Blast
Date: May 7, 2022
Time: 9:00 am

A color blast event is an untimed 5K. Participants will have different colored powders tossed at them as they make their way through the stations. Participants will wear white to start the race and will be a variety of colors at the end of the race.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to run through the colors? 
No!  There will be an option to run outside of the color markers and not be coated with the paint powder.

Is the powder safe?
Yes!  The powder is essentially colored cornstarch.  It is made from food grade, bio-degradable products with all FDA approved dyes.  You may wish to wear sunglasses or a bandana to shield your face, but volunteers will be aiming the colors for your clothing.

Will the powder stain my clothes?
Most of the color will come out easily.    You may wish to wear old clothing/shoes if you are concerned.  You may also choose to bring a towel to sit on in your vehicle following the race. We will have a wash station set up after the race.   If you’d like to preserve the color of the powder, you can spray your shirt with white vinegar and let it dry prior to washing it to keep the colored effect for many washes!

Will the powder stain my belongings?
As with anything that gets dirty, there is a possibility that the powder will remain on your belongings.  While it should easily be removed with soap/water, we are not liable for staining.  You may wish to cover your stroller with a rain cover or cover your phones with plastic wrap or a sandwich bag for protection.

Location: Gillett Track - Frank J Runge Field

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Contact Email: gillettelementarypto@gmail.com