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Oconto County is well situated between two major labor markets, Green Bay to the south, and Marinette to the north. In fact, Oconto County is part of the Green Bay metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Because of the near proximity to these larger labor markets, the County continues to grow in population, largely as a result of net migration. The County ranks 13th of the 72 counties in Wisconsin in terms of growth rate. The population of the County is aging consistent with trends seen across the state and nation.

The unemployment rate in Oconto County is higher than the state average, but lower than many counties in northern Wisconsin. Unemployment is somewhat seasonal as tourism constitutes a significant part of the County economy. Major employment sectors include natural resources, construction and manufacturing.

With the Counties proximity to Green Bay and Marinette, education and job training services are nearby. The Northeast Wisconsin Technical College has full campus facilities in Green Bay and Marinette and a regional satellite facility In Oconto Falls which offers access to faculty and academic staff as well as counseling, mentoring, and classes.

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